Hight Value
Deploy the computing resources on the edges closer to your customers, enabling ultra-low latency, high-performance experience.
Unmatched Flexibility
We offer you the flexibility to deploy apps and workloads with secure, scalable, on-demand computing resources.
Secure, Reliable
The professional team provides 24/7 technical support and expert support services to help customers around the world at every stage of their cloud journey.
Complete Services
Drive your innovation with our simple, affordable, and reliable edge computing products and services.

Simple. Affordable. Scalable.

Experience the power of the edge
Provide simple, affordable, and scalable edge cloud services
With our technologies and expertise, we can help you improve your operations with edge cloud, conquer your challenges using better networks and flexibility.
Cloud Servers
Shared Bandwidth
Cloud Storage
Cloud Serversrecommend
High-performance, secure and elastic cloud computing services. Provides various types of cloud servers to meet different business needs.
Starting at$15.0/month
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Who will use AnyEdge?

Understand the broad application areas of edge computing
Businesses and Organizations
Use the AnyEdge platform to host its website applications, database business IT systems, and manage its IT infrastructure in a flexible and reliable manner.
Mobile Internet
Improve website access speed, stabilize data transmission and reduce costs, thereby improving user experience and promoting sales growth.
Startup Company
With the help of the AnyEdge platform, you can start and operate your business at a lower cost, and you can quickly expand your IT infrastructure according to demand, improving your enterprise's flexibility and scalability.
Personal User
Use the AnyEdge platform to host personal websites, blogs, file storage and other projects, and obtain safe and reliable cloud services from the platform.

Meet our network

Build a global network system
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Silicon Valley - Tokyo
Silicon Valley - Singapore
Tokyo - Silicon Valley
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City Edge Nodes
Data Centers

Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Guarantee

Solve your problem quickly
High-Performance Monitoring
Ensure stable business operation
Reliable Mergency Response to Faults
95% of faults are handled within 4 hours
Personalized Customized Services
Tailor-made services for you
24/7 Support
24/7 Professional Technical Support
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